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QUITRUNCHILL is a FREE web program for smokers & ex-smokers. It’s based on the assumption that almost everyone wants to be a bit healthier. It focuses on 3 ways to get healthier:

Avoid Smoking: QUIT

Even tho’ this website assumes you want to quit smoking, it doesn’t force you to quit at a certain time, in a certain way. It’s entirely up to you whether, when, and how to quit.

Be More Active: RUN

WAAODARunning is a great way to get healthier; and if you decide to quit smoking, running can help you succeed at that. For example research shows:

  • about 4% of smokers who quit without help of any kind become long-term ex-smokers 1
  • about 15% of smokers who use nicotine meds (like patch or gum) become ex-smokers 1
  • about 18% of smokers who use the Smoke|Quit booklets quit smoking 2
  • about 25% of smokers who take up running in order to quit become ex-smokers 3, 4
  • about 30% of smokers using stop-smoking prescription drugs quit smoking 1

Manage Stress: CHILL

Research confirms that stress is damaging to individuals’ health and the #1 reason why smokers go back to smoking. Therefore, this website includes info and tips for stress management.

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All the on-line features of QUIT are automatically active, but RUN and CHILL have special weekly features that only activate when you sign up. Signing up is FREE! By signing up: you initiate the weekly running schedule with a new Tip of the Week each week; you receive weekly motivational emails for running; you gain access to your own private Runner’s Log; and you see new stress management info each week.

Toxin Rid’s detox kits are made entirely of vitamins, herbs, and nutrients that are utilized to cleanse the body of pollutants and contain no synthetic chemicals. The kits also don’t contain any fillers or animal products.

The company offers detox kits ranging from one day to ten days, depending on your chemical exposure and body type. You may demand a longer day kit, such as a 7 or 10-day kit, if you are a heavy cannabis user and have a lot of leftover THC in your blood. One-day, two-day, three-day, four-day, five-day, seven-day, and ten-day kits are available.


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