About Us

QUITRUNCHILL was developed by young adults, for young adults. Researchers, medical professionals, and other experts were consulted for accuracy.

Financial support for QUITRUNCHILL was provided by the Government of Ontario (Ministry of Health Promotion, Sport and Recreation Branch), Healthy Communities Fund. The program is now maintained by Leave The Pack Behind (LTPB), a province-wide, campus-based project that’s funded by the Government of Ontario (Ministry of Health Promotion, Tobacco Strategy).

Alexander Hosselet and Masad Salim from Algonquin College created the QUITRUNCHILL logo, and shaped subsequent program branding.


Heather Travis and Anita Federicci, 2 Brock University students, co-authored Smoke|Quit (a proven-effective self-help smoking cessation program for college and university students). Numerous students from across Ontario provided invaluable suggestions that led to constant improvements of the program.


Karen Flindall, a dedicated runner, wrote the weekly running schedule & info, and the Manual.

Janice Forsythe, an expert in young adults’ health issues, wrote the age-tailored motivational emails and the fact sheets.

Laura Robinson-Muise, a running instructor, provided expert review to ensure the accuracy, effectiveness, and safety of RUN.

Iain Fleming, a young adult ex-smoker who started running to kick his pack-a-day habit, reviewed RUN. He made sure it would work for smokers. (In case you’re wondering, Iain continues to run and remains smoke-free!)


Vicky Horner, a Brock University student, reviewed research and talked to colleagues, peers and friends to learn how young adults de-stress. She wrote the weekly “How are you feeling?” messages and the stress management tips.


Young adults across Ontario contributed their insights, knowledge, and energy:

Kirsten Litke, University of Western Ontario, did lots of the writing and editing.

Colin Horne, Tabatha Methot and Bev Hoekstra, all from Brock University, offered friendly review of the on-line program.

Nearly 50 young adults – mostly smokers – from Niagara College, Mohawk College and Brock University volunteered their time to comment on QUITRUNCHILL. Their suggestions… priceless.

Shelley Parkes, Web & Graphics Specialist, LTPB, accomplished the momentous task of designing all print materials and directing all electronic design work for QUITRUNCHILL.

Kelli-an Lawrance, Associate Professor, Community Health Sciences, Brock University, provided the vision for QUITRUNCHILL, and expertise in formative evaluation and program development.

MediaDoc Inc. built the QUITRUNCHILL website.