Female Pass Supervised Drug Test

Being a working woman has its challenges. Furthermore, some of these challenges include googling “u-pass synthetic urine near me” urgently. You’ll have to read on to understand what we are talking about.

Drug abuse isn’t just socially frowned upon. Instead, it can have severe repercussions if discovered in the workplace. This is because drug abuse negatively impacts an employee’s performance and health.

For instance, the entire cost of lost performance from substance abuse in 2014 amounted to $15.7 billion in Canada.

Thus, no enterprise wants to risk its profits and the institute’s well-being. Accordingly, it’s prevalent for them to conduct surprise drug tests.

These examinations might be stressful since failing them could harm your career. Avoiding drug usage is the best approach to clear a urine drug test. However, there are other strategies to clear it, even if you use drugs heavily.

So don’t worry and continue reading, as this tutorial explains all you need to know about passing supervised drug testing being a female.

Learning About Common Supervised Drug Tests

Before you google “where can I buy monkey whizz near me?” it’s important to know what you are dealing with. Accordingly, you may encounter two types of drug testing procedures below.

  1. Drug Tests Under Direct Observation

This supervised drug test is strict and comparatively more brutal to pass if you’re not clean. Furthermore, it is also more privacy breaching because the inspector directly observes as you collect your urine.

The inspector checks the subjects for fake pee. Hence, they will pat down your thighs and waist. Next, they will ask you to pull down your pants and stick your shirt to your belly button. This helps ensure you are not carrying a pre-filled synthetic sample.

However,  the inspector conducting your direct observation will be the same gender as you. Furthermore, to protect your privacy, they won’t be carrying any gadgets with them. Regardless, this test is invasive, and some states declare it illegal.

Once the inspector is sure you aren’t carrying any fake pee, they will observe you while you collect urine. Moreover, you must know they will be present with you without any visual barriers, so don’t try anything tricky.

  1. Monitored Drug Tests

This type of drug test is less invasive than direct observation tests. Furthermore, in a monitored drug test, the qualified staff don’t have to be of the same gender as you. Accordingly, female personnel can see a male employee doing the test during observation, and vice versa.

Before the sample is collected, there is often no scrutiny. Furthermore, there are no waist and thigh checking procedures. Additionally, you would have some degree of privacy when you put your sample in the container.

Accordingly, it is easier to sneak in your fake pee sample in this procedure.

However, the person watching you would monitor for any strange behavior or suspicious activity. This means you will have the liberty of a visual barrier, but they will be keeping an ear out for suspicious activity.

Therefore, even though this test enables employees to have the opportunity to utilize a fake urine sample, you must be vigilant. This is because the inspectors are experienced individuals who can easily catch a whiff of misconduct.

Hence, take your time and effort to produce your sample.

Otherwise, you might need to retake the drug test under the direct supervision of a competent employee. This is if they initially decided to cancel your sample due to a suspicion of wrongdoing. Moreover, below are a few characteristics that may give away synthetic urine.

  • Temperature
  • Color/Smell
  • Contaminants
  • Specific Gravity


Normal urine has a temperature range between 34-37 degrees celsius. Therefore, if your urine deviates significantly from this range, the inspector could figure out you are fooling them.

Additionally, keeping your sample in the crotch or adding liquid can make it cold. On the other hand, a heating pad could make it hotter than the average temperature.

Hence, keep these points in mind when using a fake sample.


Another indication that something is wrong is overly yellow or cloudy urine. Consequently, your sample will probably be rejected if it has an unusual hue. Pale yellow is the chosen hue.

Similarly, you’ll probably need to submit to a supervised drug test if your urine significantly smells of substances other than ammonia.


Urine composition never involves any solid foreign contaminants. Therefore, if your synthetic sample has them, you must undergo a second direct supervision screening.

Therefore, ensure your sample is clear and normal looking.

Specific Gravity

The specific gravity of the urine represents the proportion of solutes in urine. Consequently, your specimen will be disregarded if it’s too high or low.

However, factors including pregnancy, dehydration, and some drugs can impact the physical property of urine.

How Supervised Drug Tests Are Different for Men and Women

When it comes to controlled drug tests, women have more significant difficulties than males do. It’s not because the processes are different or more complex. The leading cause is the fundamental difference between the two genders.

Men are not required to conceal anything beneath their clothing. Furthermore, they can cover up fake pee using several test kits.

However, locating test kits that match their physique and attire without drawing attention to themselves is a challenge for women.

Additionally, they must manage their anxiety, which might reveal that they are cheating. It merely makes the test more challenging.

Best Fake Urine to Pass Drug Test

As soon as you realize your employer is conducting drug tests, you might try to google “most effective fake pee bottle near me.” However, we have enlisted the best synthetic urine options to save you time and effort.

  1. Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine

This fake urine is among the best types as it’s highly non-detectable. Furthermore, its formulation and color are identical to real urine. However, according to some quick fix 6.2 synthetic urine fake pee reviews, it’s illegal in various regions.

  1. Monkey Whizz Synthetic Urie Belt

This is a practical option because it comes with a belt. Furthermore, it has a long shelf life, so you can store it for a year to combat surprise inspections.

The package offers the following:

  • Elastic Strap
  • 3.5 ounces of phony urine
  • Two natural heating pads
  • Temperature strip
  • Manual

Affix one of the heat pads on the side of the fluid pouch opposite the temperature strip. Then, set the thermal strip facing you and the heat pad on the opposite side of the bag from your body. Finally, fasten the belt around your waist.

A stable position near your body can assist in keeping the pee warm, so make sure it’s there. You should have used the belt for one hour before the pee test. Finally, pour the phony pee into the cup when it’s time to give your sample.

Before googling “monkey whizz synthetic urine belt near me,” know its cons. This synthetic urine isn’t microwaveable. Therefore, it isn’t convenient to heat it repeatedly. Consequently, you must maintain the temperature of pee when taking a drug test.

However, since there are two heating pads to keep urine warm, drug test female subjects shouldn’t fret much.

The Legality Regarding Drug Testing Mandates

The Drug-free Workplace Act of 1988 is the most significant piece of the relevant law. Accordingly, a substance-free workplace policy is mandated under the statute for:

  • Any business obtaining a federal contract worth atleast $100,000
  • Every company receiving a federal grant, regardless of size

In businesses with a zero-tolerance drug policy, this test is typical. Athletes, persons in specific professions, and military personnel may also need to take the exam.

It is permissible to mandate such a test, provided the exam is administered per correct legal processes.

The growth in marijuana usage following its legalization in several jurisdictions is the rationale for a growing need for drug testing. Employers test their workers to ensure that employees are not using drugs.

It assists companies in ensuring efficiency, a secure workplace, and the avoidance of potential liabilities.

Best Way to Pass Urine Drug Test

Above, we have provided the top fake urine brands and details on how to use them. However, there is a better way to pass the test. Hence, instead of googling “quick fix plus urine near me,” try an alternative approach.

We assure you this is the most fool-proof way of passing. Instead of buying a synthetic kit, you should employ real urine from a colleague or friend. This ensures your sample passes the test.

However, your friend must be clean; otherwise, the technique will be pointless and get you both caught.

Female Alternatives to Male Tips

Women can try flushing and detoxifying techniques as an alternative to male whizzinators. However, female whizzinators are also gaining popularity.

Further, you can make a DIY whizzinator as well.

Detoxifying Technique

Detoxifying requires modifying your lifestyle to remove drug remnants from your system. You can do this in the following ways:

  • Drinking excessive water
  • Employing cranberry pills or other detox agents in your diet
  • Avoiding foods having a high salt or sugar content
  • Exercising

Flushing Technique

The best way to flush is to consume lots of water and niacin-flushing medications. However, your urine’s appearance could change if you dilute it with water.

You must follow these steps to make sure it still seems normal:

  • B vitamin for regaining natural color
  • Use electrolyte powder to maintain your gravity level well within the usual range.
  • Adding creatinine will bring it up to normal levels.

DIY Female Whizzinator for Drug Test

To make your female whizzinator, you will need four things.

  1. Condom
  2. Needle
  3. Fake urine
  4. Heating Pads


  1. Fill the condom with a sufficient amount of fake urine
  2. Activate heating pads to maintain the temperature of the condom
  3. Place the condom inside your vagina
  4. Keep a pin or needle in your hair or between two fingers
  5. Puncture the condom and collect the urine into your container


The best approach of actions if you engage in an organization with a drug policy is to refrain from using drugs. The tricks above can assist you in passing the test. However, we cannot ensure that a drug test will be negative.Moreover, if you don’t take drugs, you shouldn’t be anxious.