Avoiding a Failed Drug Test Because Of Urine Temperature

Have you ever failed a drug test because of urine
temperature? Well, you might not straight on tell that the
temperature was the cause. But you’ll have to endure
the piercing looks that folks give you, as, you know,
rumors spread so fast. And as you drive off, you’ll
have to spare a few minutes trying to figure out what to
tell your family.

drug test of urine temperature

But that aside, you might start questioning your life too,
huh? Like, “Have I been drugged before or was the
tester faulty?” But before you ask more,
you’ll be surprised that you were a few tricks away
from passing the test!

This guide uncovers all these tricks to pass a
urine&nbsÔp;test next time. Hang tight!

What Temperature Does Pee Need to be for Drug Test?

As the urine temperature is quintessential for a drug
test, the first question you want to answer is,
“What temperature does my pee need to be for a drug
test?” Let’s answer it:

According to the
National Library of Medicine, urine temperature should range between 90°F and
100°F in a healthy person. As you pee, the urine
is always the same as your body temperature. But if
you’re getting a sample and keeping it in your room,
the temperature will fluctuate to room temperature. As
it’s hard to retain the original temperature of the
urine, you’ll need to know how to keep pee warm for
a drug test.

But before we hop into that…

Urine screening lasts about 2 minutes. Meaning that your
pee needs to remain within the given range for positive
results. This will eliminate the hassle of having to get
another sample or raising suspicion. There are a
number of ways to do this, discussed in subsequent

How to Check the Temperature of the Urine?

The method to use to get the temperature of the urine
is subjective to your preference. You may choose a
waterproof digital thermometer, temperature strips, or any
other commercially available electronic thermometer.

However, temperature strips are the easiest to use in this
case as they are specifically designed for urine
temperature checks. The device’s calibrations shows
if the urine specimen is within the normal temperature
range – 32 to 38 degrees Celcius (90 to 100 degrees

This method employs thermochromic liquid crystals that
react to temperature. You know that the temperature is
okay when the color of the liquid is solid. However, if
below or above the required range, the liquid crystals
will undergo a chemical reaction that transforms their
color. If the color is not solid enough, you’ll need
to employ different methods of how to keep pee warm for
the drug test.

You might want to use a digital clinical thermometer,
though, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But
you’ll have to maintain high hygiene in cleaning and
disinfecting it so that it’s safe for future usage.
Most people wouldn’t let a thermometer that had
pee into their mouths.

Why Should You Keep Urine Warm?

I mean, why would you need to struggle so much with pee
and keeping it warm? The answer is simple – cold urine
will always give
positive results even when they should be negative.

Here’s why. After your body metabolizes drugs, some
of their byproducts are released through the urine. Also
known as metabolites, these byproducts are only active
when the pee temperature is high enough (32 to 38 degrees
Celcius). This means that they become inactive when the
pee is cold and won’t show up during screening.
Hence the false drug test pass.

What Happens When Your Urines Not Warm Enough?

If pee is not within the given urine temp range for drug
test, the collector will deem it as adulterated or
contaminated. He will consult the FFD (Fitness for Duty)
program manager who’ll further consult with the MRO
(Medical Review Officer). Through their guidance, the
collector may require a second sample. However, the
collection of the specimen will be more stringent,
normally under direct observation.

If the collector suspects that the urine is still
adulterated or diluted, they will send it to an
HHS-certified lab for confirmatory testing. To avoid all
this hassle, you’re better off knowing your health
status and how to keep pee warm for drug test. Whichever
ways you use, be sure to be within the safe zones even
when testing becomes stringent.

How to Keep Pee Warm for a Drug Test?

Typically, the time taken between collecting urine
samples to submitting them for testing should not be
longer than 4 minutes. This timeline doesn’t always
serve everyone. So here’s how to keep pee warm for a
drug test:

  • Heat it through your body

If you collected the urine a few hours before the test and
let it cool to room temperature, you can use your
body to warm it up. Transfer the urine to a plastic
bag and tightly knot it to avoid any contamination. Then
place it in between your thighs or elsewhere on your way
to the lab.

  • Microwave frozen urine

If the specimen has been sitting in the fridge for a few
days, the best way to warm it is using the microwave. But
before thrusting the specimen into the microwave, be sure
to defrost it. Remember to also keep the temperature in
check so that it’s within the given 32 to 38 degrees
Celcius range.

  • Use hand warmers

To use hand warmers, you may transfer the urine to a pill
bottle. If you’re wondering, hand warmers are
pouches that activate upon heating, which takes an hour or
so. Then take the sample, and place it over the hand
warmer before covering them with your hands. If you
don’t have an hour to spare for heating the urine,
you’d better use the microwave.

  • Use electric urine warmer for drug test

This is a special device that could help you to keep your
pee warm before a drug test. However, this device, just
like any other device, can fail and overheat the sample.
Hence, you want to keep the temp in check.

You may ask which method is the best for keeping your pee
warm and we’ll tell you that it all depends on
your situation. However, one of the fastest urine
warmers is a microwave, while using your body is the
most recommended as it’ll keep the urine at the
perfect temperature.

How to Use Someone Else’s Pee for Pee Test?

If you have to use someone else’s pee, take time to
consider the following questions before getting the sample
to the lab.

  1. What temp does pee need to be for drug test?

While male urine temperature is normally higher than
female urine, the general urine temp range is 32 to 38
degrees Celcius. Anywhere below or above this range may
complicate the test or require another sample. Since
you’re using someone else’s pee, do all it
takes to keep the urine warm enough so you don’t
have to give a second sample.

  1. What is the normal temperature for male urine?

Male urine temp ranges from 35 to 38 degrees Celcius,
which is 97 to 100 degrees F. Hence, if you’re a
male, you want to get the specimen from a male.

  1. Can you use 3 day old urine for drug test?

Yes! But you have to freeze it to avoid the stench and
keep it free from any contaminants. You’ll also need
to know how to keep pee warm for drug test when the
day finally arrives. The methods in the previous section
could come in handy.

  1. How to keep pee in a pill bottle warm

If you prefer using a pill bottle, you want to note that
the bottle will take some time to heat the pee. It takes
almost the same time to lose heat. Hence, after heating
from home, you may place the bottle between your thighs or
use hand warmers, depending on which favors your schedule.

  1. How to use someone else’s pee for a drug test?

After handling the above four questions, you can now focus
on how safe it is to use the sample. Ensure that the donor
is not under medication and that the urine doesn’t
come into contact with your skin to avoid infection.

If you’re still not sure of how to handle someone
else’s pee, you have the option of using synthetic
urine. Let’s see how it works.

How to Use Synthetic Pee for a Urine Drug Test?

Drugs like marijuana and meth are easily detected even when casually used for days, according to the article from ICW Global https://www.icwglobal.org/synthetic-urine.
While detoxing could work for casual drug users, it may
not be an option for regular hard drug users. This is when
you’ll need to get synthetic urine.

Synthetic urine comes with a kit containing all the
additives that make up urine. Additives are chemicals that
when mixed together will make up something similar to
human urine. The fake urine has all the physical and
chemical characteristics that will be tested for in the
lab and give positive results.

Some of the best synthetic urine manufacturers include the
Urinator, the Whizzinator, and TestClear Powdered Human
Urine. However, your choice of a brand will be informed by
their success rates, prices, and how much the pros
outweigh the cons.

1. TestClear Powdered Human Urine


The powder is manufactured by TestClear, a company that
has been running for more than 24 years or successful
synthetic urine production.


US $45 with a 10% coupon.


  • Perfect for a user with an unsupervised urine drug test
  • More than 99% success rates according to users’
  • Works with both potable and distilled water
  • The Kit contains fake urine with heating pads
  • Easy to use and heat up
  • Works in about 60 minutes
  • The heater lasts for about 6 hours


  • Some users might need more than 1 vial
  • It’s still illegal in some parts of the US
  • Usage is limited to urine drug test

2. The Urinator


The Urinator is a product of Innovative Research
Technology, Inc. The company has maintained years-long
success in synthetic urine production since 1998.


The Urinator currently goes for $165 on the brand’s


  • The urine sample has a one-year shelf life as long as
    it’s kept closed
  • Has a high success rate since the additives are
  • The heater lasts for up to 4 hours
  • Can’t be easily distinguished from human urine


  • It may not be successfully used by newbies
  • It’s a little up on the price

3. The Whizzinator


Alternative Lifestyle Systems, INC. has been producing the
Whizzinator for one and a half decades. The product
resembles a human penis to save the day when you have to
collect the sample under direct observation.


The Whizzinator is priced at $129.95 at the
manufacturer’s site.


  • Doesn’t require prior knowledge to use
  • Comes with all essential tools including 4 heat pads
  • Has a high success rate


  • May not be useful for women, especially when collecting
    samples under direct observation

Urinator Vs Whizzinator



Urinator Whizzinator
Monitors urine temp electronically Requires manual monitoring of urine temp
Not safe to collect a urine sample under
direct observation
Safe to collect samples under direct
observation for its realistic penis
Costs $169.95 Costs $129.95
Battery-powered Manual
Dual port vinyl IV pouch Refillable vinyl bag
Convenient for both males and females May not be convenient for females

How to Carry Your Pee to Lab?

This is when you’ll start worrying about how long
does urine stay warm between your legs. This should be
less of a worry, however, if you’re planning to use
an electric urine warmer. You’d need to keep it
tucked in your belt and walk in front of your mirror to
ensure that your walk is as natural as possible.


Urine drug testing is becoming mandatory in most jobs.
Besides, it’s no longer done at the hiring stages.
But there’s no reason to fail and lose your job even
when you can’t detox all your system.