What it is

QUITRUNCHILL is a FREE! online program for young adults who are smokers & ex-smokers. It’s based on the idea that everyone wants to be a bit healthier. It offers facts about quitting, being active, and managing stress.

How it works

QUITRUNCHILL has important features that are timed to update each week. To activate these weekly features, you must Sign Up and Launch Your Program.

  • To sign up, enter your email address, a password (that you make up) and a bit of basic info about yourself.
  • To launch your program, simply follow the instructions after you sign up. Remember: if you plan to use the running program, launch the program 1-2 days before your first run. If you don’t plan to run, launch it whenever you want.

What you get

By signing up for QUITRUNCHILL, you’ll see new information and inspirations on this website each week. You’ll also get a weekly message sent straight to your email box. You won’t get unwanted junk email or sales pitches for stupid stuff. And after 8 weeks, the program ends automatically.

For more information

Every section of QUITRUNCHILL has its own instructions. If you can’t find what you need, send an email to [email protected].