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Your Way explains different options for quitting: nicotine medications, stop-smoking pills, smokers’ helpline, campus health services, etc. Quit Smoking Booklets are self-help resources that have been proven to increase the odds of quitting (compared to other self-help materials). Withdrawal presents info about dealing with nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms.


This is an 8-week, do-it-yourself running program designed especially for young adults who smoke or recently quit. It suggests 3 runs per week, starting with shorter runs and building up gradually to longer runs. Here, you can read more about RUN by clicking Intro; you can check out the first week’s running schedule by clicking Week 1. To access to the entire schedule, the manual and your own on-line Runner’s Log, and to receive your weekly Tip of the Week and motivational email, you need to sign up for QUITRUNCHILL.


How are you feeling this week? tracks some common (and mostly unpleasant) reactions that quitting can cause, and offers weekly tips for getting past them. The mini-icons reveal fun and effective stress management tips written “by students, for students.” To access all of CHILL‘s features and weekly updates, you need to sign up for QUITRUNCHILL.