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Weekly Instructions

                        If you haven’t already done so, be sure to click “LAUNCH RUN” to start the RUN program. This activates a built-in timer that adds new information and tips to the program each week. It also moves the “runner guy” ahead each week so you can easily keep track of where you’re […]

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Get the Most from the RUN program

                        Follow it closely This program is built around 3 days of running each week. Of course, you can do a bit more or a bit less; but remember, the closer you follow the program the better it works! If you begin skipping days or finding excuses not to run, you won’t

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Female Pass Supervised Drug Test

Being a working woman has its challenges. Furthermore, some of these challenges include googling “u-pass synthetic urine near me” urgently. You’ll have to read on to understand what we are talking about. Drug abuse isn’t just socially frowned upon. Instead, it can have severe repercussions if discovered in the workplace. This is because drug abuse

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                        Welcome to RUN – a FREE, 8-week, do-it-yourself running program designed especially for young adults who smoke or who recently quit. It suggests 3 runs per week, starting with shorter (20min) runs, and slowly building up to longer (40min) runs. It includes weekly motivational emails and lots of info about how

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Quit Smoking Booklets

These mini-booklets are evidence-based. They work! SMOKE is for smokers who don’t want to quit right now. It has tips for dealing with people who nag you to quit & info about smoking that really matters to young adults in post-secondary school! Get SMOKE QUIT is for smokers who are thinking of quitting, or are

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