Weekly Instructions



Get the Most from RUN     

Be Safe     


  1. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to click “LAUNCH RUN” to start the RUN program. This activates a built-in timer that adds new information and tips to the program each week. It also moves the “runner guy” ahead each week so you can easily keep track of where you’re at in the program.
  2. The healthiest way to use RUN is to follow the weekly schedule. Do each week as the “runner guy” gets to it, and always include the scheduled walking breaks in each run. (Walking breaks are proven to reduce injury and improve performance in runners of all levels.)

    If you want to repeat a week, you can do so even though the “runner guy” automatically moves ahead.

    You can click on an upcoming week to see the running schedule for that week. (But, the extra info and tips for that week won’t show up until the automatic timer counts down to that week)

  3. Be sure to track your runs in your Runner’s Log. It’s a great way to chart your progress.
  4. Watch your inbox for a welcome email, and weekly email messages after that.
  5. Review the past weeks’ schedules, tips and fact sheets simply by clicking on that week. And check out the program manual for great info about healthy, safe, effective running.