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  1. Follow it closely

    This program is built around 3 days of running each week. Of course, you can do a bit more or a bit less; but remember, the closer you follow the program the better it works!

    If you begin skipping days or finding excuses not to run, you won’t feel or see the results as quickly. Likewise, as you begin to enjoy the challenge of running, you may find yourself wanting to run further or more often than the program suggests. This may seem like a good idea in the short term, but it can lead to injuries that will set you back in the long term.

    In the end, if you feel yourself drifting either into too much or too little activity, simply get back on schedule.

  2. Schedule run days and rest days

    Planning ahead is crucial to your success. Schedule your run days and rest days in advance, mark them in your calendar, and stick with them.

    Remember… Even though it’s important to run when you should, it’s also important to rest when you should. Rest days allow your body to heal and be ready for the next run.

    “A man too busy to take care of his health

    is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools.”

    — Spanish proverb

  3. Take walk breaks

    Some runners consider walking to be cheating. This is not the case. The science of running suggests that short walking breaks taken at regular times during a run are a very good idea. Walk breaks reduce the odds of injury, and help build a stronger base. The RUN program uses walk breaks to keep you feeling healthy and motivated to run.