Basic Safety Tips


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  1. Injury Prevention

    This program is designed to build up your running gradually and minimize injuries. Wearing “good” shoes, following the program closely, resisting the desire to overdo it, and stretching are all ways to keep your body injury-free. Throughout this program it is important to listen to your body.

    If you do have an injury from running, put ice on it. (Ice is the answer for almost all running injuries!) And take a rest day. If the pain continues without improvement see a health professional such as a doctor, chiropractor or massage therapist. (A health clinic on campus or in your community is a good place to go).

  2. Personal Safety

    There is strength in numbers. The best ways to ensure your personal safety is to run with a buddy. If you can’t run with a friend, try these ideas instead:

    • stick to populated areas
    • carry your cell phone
    • carry identification
    • avoid running after dark
    • carry a whistle and/or pepper spray
    • have a small amount of cash with you
    • vary your route or running routine